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Accreditation is the act of certifying that an educational institution maintains suitable standards; the granting of approval to an institution of learning by an official review board after the school has met certain requirements. Specifically, accreditation is the review of the school's course offerings and procedures by an  outside group of its peers to certify that this particular school is meeting it's own stated objectives and offering its student the education it promises them.

Government Accreditation

Transworld Accrediting Commission International is recognized as a non-profit church organization- not a secular school accrediting organization.
Government recognized accreditation is not necessary for the religious vocations we are training people for which include biblical studies ,Christian arts, Christian counseling ,Christian leadership ,divinity ,ministry, evangelism, missionary, worship ministry, youth ministry, and theology. People can function and hold jobs in all of these professions without government recognized accreditation.

Since accreditation is a review by your peers that ensures that you are offering a quality program and since the U.S. Department of Education is not a peer of EBCS, their approval is not necessary. Because we are a religious organization, we are exempt from their regulations.  We are a quality educational institution that is recognized as operating legally and credibly for over 40 years . We are responsible for training and producing pastors and ministers that are now working in churches and church organizations all around the world. There are many schools that seek governmental approval so that they may receive government funds, however, at this time EBCS is not seeking government funds or approval
The standards in many of these government recognized schools has done nothing but decline over the past years due to governmental influence. By being separated from the government we are free to teach God's word and keep our standards lined up with the Bible not man.
To check out the standards of Transworld Accrediting Commission International you can go to their website.
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Transferring of credits

All credits from EBCS are transferable to all of its recognized schools and other Transworld Accrediting Commission International schools.
Many of our credits are transferable to secular schools if those schools offer biblical program, however it is always at the discretion of the receiving school as to how many credits they will accept. EBCS accepts all credits from their recognized school programs up through the bachelors level.  Anything beyond that is done on a one to one basis, however, we reserve the right, as all schools do to accept credits from other institutions and programs on an individual basis.