Refund and Cancellation Policy

Registration fees are nonrefundable. Requests for cancellation of enrollment must be made within one week (7 days) of the date of the enrollment agreement in order for tuition fee to be refunded in full. If request for cancellation of enrollment occurs after one week (7 days), but not more than 30 days from enrollment date, the charge to the student will be 50% of the tuition fee. After 30 days from enrollment date, no refund or cancellation will be made, and the student will be expected to pay the tuition fee in full.

Refunds for books will only be made for those which are returned unused and undamaged.

Transferring E.B.C.S. Credits

Transferability of credits earned at this institution to another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Absentee Policy

More than three absences in any one course, in any one semester, may result in the loss of credit for that semester’s course. Both the teacher of the course and an administration officer must approve extenuating circumstances. No monies will be refunded for any class in which credit has been lost due to absences or academics.







Evangelical Bible College & Seminary


E.B.C.S. accepts students of any race or creed. Students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. They must be of good moral Christian character, and have the abilities capable of being trained and developed to fit their chosen field of Christian Service.

You may complete your theological training, and prepare for the ministry as a Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Missionary, etc. You may consolidate your accumulated earned credits from various Bible schools, colleges, or from secular colleges. You may receive credit for your ministry experience. You may earn religious education degrees, including the Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate.

All transcripts of grades from any previous school should accompany the admission application. Also, please include a $35.00 registration fee and a recent photograph of yourself. If you are seeking life experience credits for ministry work, please submit a current resume as well.


Tuition fee is $55.00 per semester hour, in addition to textbook and materials fees. Transferring students with earned credits from other institutions and/or ministry experience will be evaluated by the Administration and provided a cumulative credit summary.

Class Schedule

At present, Evangelical Bible College & Seminary is conducting night classes, held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 pm until 10 pm. Any student attending these classes three semesters each year for four years may graduate with 130 credit hours, thereby receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education. Classes may also be offered at extension schools or in the form of seminars and conferences.


A: 90—100: 4 grade pts per semester hr

B: 80—89: 3 grade pts per semester hr

C: 70—79: 2 grade pts per semester hr

D: 65—69: 1 grade pt per semester hr

E: 64—or below

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