Evangelical Bible College & Seminary

Distant Learning

Distant Learning courses are available at the same cost as campus courses ($55 per credit hour). The student must reside 50 miles or more from the nearest campus. A student living within 50 miles must attend that campus. When taking distant learning courses students will receive text books on courses and be put in communication with the on-campus professor of that course. The professor of that subject will give assignments and give final grades. Students must receive a passing grade of 75% to receive credit for that class. The student must meet the professor’s requirements. All work must be turned in 2 weeks before the end of each semester. Students must re-enroll each semester and register for new classes. Some exceptions may be given for missionaries, traveling evangelists or illness only. These exceptions will be made by the administrators only. Some extra expenses may be charged for shipping cost of books.

*Special exceptions may be made by the Administrator

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